2019 ASF Family Conference

  • Angelman Syndrome Genetics 101
    Explore the complexities of Angelman Syndrome genetics, from chromosome misalignment to the role of UBE3A. Learn about Type 1 and Type 2 deletions, testing methods, and the potential of gene therapy.
  • Angelman Syndrome Natural History Study
    Explore the importance of the Natural History Study in understanding Angelman Syndrome and its role in future therapeutic development. Join us in this longitudinal study for better disease comprehension.
  • Angelman Syndrome through the Lifespan
    Explore Angelman Syndrome’s diagnosis, symptoms, and lifespan challenges. Learn about the advancements in treatments and therapies, and join the conversation on improving the quality of life for those affected.
  • Anxiety and Challenging Behaviors in Angelman Syndrome
    Explore our two-year study on anxiety and challenging behaviors in Angelman Syndrome. Discover our findings, assessment domains, and recommended treatment approaches to improve patient quality of life.
  • Chipping Away at the Mountain: Your Action Plan
    Navigate the complex world of adult services for individuals with disabilities with our comprehensive guide. Get insights, tips, and a roadmap to find the right resources and support.
  • Current Treatments in AS and Efficacy
    Explore current treatments for Angelman Syndrome (AS), their efficacy, and the importance of clinical trials. Learn about managing symptoms and the challenges faced in AS research.
  • Housing Options for Adults with AS
    Explore housing options for adults with Autism Spectrum (AS) with expert Nicole Jorwic. Learn about community living, Medicaid, funding, advocacy, and overcoming challenges in disability housing.
  • How to hire, train and retain careproviders
    Discover effective strategies for finding, hiring, training, and retaining care providers for individuals with special needs. Learn from experts sharing personal experiences and practical advice.
  • LGIT and Ketogenic Diets for Angelman Syndrome
    Explore the benefits of Low Glycemic Index Treatment and ketogenic diets for managing Angelman Syndrome. Learn about transitioning, recommended foods, monitoring, and potential complications.
  • Landscape of Resources for Adults with Complex Neurodevelopmental Disorders
    Explore a comprehensive guide on resources for adults with complex neurodevelopmental disorders, including national and state services, Medicaid waivers, and future planning strategies.
  • Letting Go and Trust
    Explore the journey of parenting an adult with Angelman Syndrome (AS) with experts Todd Robertson, Kathy Johnson, and Pat Hornbecker. Learn about self-care, understanding your child’s needs, and building a support network.
  • Life Away from Home
    Explore the journey of gaining independence for individuals with disabilities, highlighting the importance of person-centered planning, community involvement, and family support.
  • Neurobehavioral Approaches to Angelman Syndrome Part 2
    Explore neurobehavioral approaches to Angelman Syndrome at Ottawa Clinic. Learn how we improve physical and emotional health, reduce challenging behaviors, and help patients reach their full potential.
  • Research Updates from the 2019 Angelman Syndrome Foundation Conference
    Explore the latest research updates from the 2019 Angelman Syndrome Foundation Conference. Discover advancements in basic research, therapeutic approaches, and clinical studies aimed at improving lives.
  • Sleep Issues in Angelman Syndrome
    Explore strategies to manage sleep issues in children with Angelman Syndrome. Understand the impact of sleep on their health, development, and behavior. Consult with healthcare professionals for personalized advice.
  • Updates from Pharmaceutical Companies
    Get the latest updates on Angelman Syndrome treatments from Ovid Therapeutics, Ionis Pharmaceuticals, and Roche. Learn about their research, clinical trials, and collaborative efforts in this comprehensive article.