Letting Go and Trust: Navigating the Journey of Parenting an Adult with AS

Quick Overview

This session at the 2019 ASF Family Conference focused on the importance of letting go and trusting others when it comes to caring for children with special needs. The speakers discussed the need to know oneself, know one’s child, and build a support network of trustworthy individuals. They emphasized the importance of self-care and finding people who can help in the caregiving journey. The session also touched on the challenges of transitioning from being the primary caregiver to relying on others for support. The speakers encouraged attendees to embrace the process of letting go and to trust in the abilities of others to care for their loved ones.


In this session at the 2019 ASF Family Conference, Todd Robertson, Kathy Johnson, and Pat Hornbecker discuss the importance of letting go and trusting others in the journey of parenting an adult with Angelman Syndrome (AS). They acknowledge the challenges and fears that come with this stage of life, but also emphasize the need to build a network of support and embrace the lessons that individuals with AS can teach us.

Knowing Yourself, Knowing Your Child, and Knowing Your Circle

The speakers highlight three important aspects of navigating this stage of life: knowing yourself, knowing your child, and knowing your support structures. They stress the importance of self-awareness and self-care for parents, as well as understanding the unique needs and expectations of their child. Building a network of support, including family, friends, professionals, and community resources, is also crucial in ensuring the well-being of both the parent and the adult with AS.

Letting Go and Trust

The speakers acknowledge that letting go can be difficult, especially for parents who have been the primary caregivers for many years. They share personal stories and experiences to illustrate the process of gradually letting go and trusting others to care for their loved ones. They emphasize the importance of building trust through structured protocols and clear communication, and encourage parents to seek professional guidance and support in this journey.


In conclusion, the speakers express their gratitude for the opportunity to connect with other parents and share their experiences. They highlight the importance of embracing the lessons that individuals with AS can teach us and the need for ongoing support and understanding from the community. They encourage parents to continue learning, advocating, and building a network of support to ensure the best possible care for their adult children with AS.

Talk details

  • Title: Letting Go and Trust
  • Author(s): Todd Robertson, Kathy Johnson, Pat Hornbecker
  • Author(s)’ affiliation: None
  • Publication date: 2019-10-10
  • Collection: 2019 ASF Family Conference