Fund research to cure Angelman Syndrome

FAST UK continue to fund the much needed Natural History study (NHS) with Oxford University to facilitate clinical trials in the UK.

A natural history study’s main use is to support the development of safe and effective drugs and biological products for rare diseases. A natural history study collects information about the natural history of a disease in the absence of an intervention, from the disease’s onset until either its resolution or the individual’s death. Although knowledge of a disease’s natural history can benefit drug development for many disorders and conditions, natural history information is not usually available or is incomplete for most rare diseases; therefore, natural history information is particularly needed for these diseases hence the need for the NHS in the UK.

In the United States, research funded by FAST has identified a way to turn on a gene that is normally turned off in the brain. FAST US took this discovery and started its own biotechnology company to move this technology from the laboratory into human clinical trials. Trials were initiated in 2020 and early preliminary results suggest this therapeutic may effectively treat the symptoms of Angelman syndrome, and trials are underway in the UK already but funding is necessary for these trials to continue so please help today by joining FAST’s CAN Campaign or donating today.

Start fundraising, join the 2022 CAN Fundraising Campaign today

The FAST UK Cure Angelman Now (CAN) campaign is here and with your help, together we CAN cure Angelman Syndrome. Please join us today by creating a fundraiser in the 2022 CAN Fundraising Campaign.

CAN is a fundraising campaign to show support for Angelman syndrome research and to raise money for FAST UK, a nonprofit organisation that provides funding for Angelman syndrome research in the UK.

The Fundraising Campaign is a challenge in which the entrant that raises the highest amount (minimum amount to be raised to qualify – £5,000) for FAST UK will receive the top prize*, as described below. There will be a further ‘wild card’ prize** (no minimum amount raised required) in which one entrant will be randomly selected to receive a prize as described below. A total of two prizes will be awarded.

*The top prize consists of 2 x Economy flights to Miami, 2 x Gala tickets and 3 nights’ stay at a hotel (details to be added closer to the event).

**The wild card prize will consist of 2 x Economy flights to Miami and £350 spending money.

Alternatively, if either winner (the top prize or wild card prize) has no affiliation to someone with Angelman Syndrome and would prefer not to attend the Gala, the prize on offer is Economy flights to Miami or NYC for 2 people and £350 spending money.

All entrants in the CAN campaign will receive a FAST hoodie and FAST water bottle.


1. Click HERE to create a fundraising activity that will be linked to our Just Giving FAST UK CAN Campaign page.

2. Set your fundraising goal high. We encourage everyone to strive for a goal of at least £1,000. Just go for it. We know you can do it!

Please take a look at our Assets page where you will find high-resolution images, including FAST CAN 2022 Campaign Banner, suitable for printing in great quality.

CAN 2022 Fundraiser Leaderboard

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