Fundraising Events

Whether it’s running a half marathon or hosting your own charity gaming livestream, choose your fundraising event and help find a cure for Angelman syndrome faster.

Cakes and Smiles

Cakes & Smiles bannerWe have launched a Cakes & Smiles campaign. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness about Angelman Syndrome amongst a group of colleagues at work, your social club or a circle of friends who may not be that familiar with the syndrome. It can be a virtual event or an in-person one, whichever format you wish to choose.

In a more traditional pre-pandemic sense it could be a coffee morning or a tea party where you sort out the coffees and cakes and invite people over to share either your story or a story of your friend who has a family member with Angelman Syndrome. Your guests will have an opportunity to ask questions, understand the symptoms, and hopefully donate towards your Cakes & Smiles campaign.

It’s called “Cakes and Smiles” for a couple of reasons. Hopefully, you will have a good time socialising, but also it’s a reference to one of the key symptoms of Angelman Syndrome – happy demeanour.

We’ve got some more details and useful resources (e.g. quiz questions, colouring book, banners) here.

Read about Cakes & Smiles event organisation and get access to our resources that will help you make your event a success

Royal Parks Half Marathon. 9 October 2022

Join an inspirational team of fundraisers and do something extraordinary to help find a cure for Angelman syndrome.

About the run

Take part in this spectacular half marathonRunners in park on closed roads through four beautiful Royal Parks on 9 October. The 13.1 mile course will take you past world-famous landmarks, and as part of the FAST UK team, you’ll enjoy fantastic support from our members along the route.

Your charity place

Secure your place on the start line by contacting us today. We have a fundraising target of £1500.

Why Team FAST UK?

You’ll be running as part of an inspiring team of fellow fundraisers, who share their reasons for running with FAST UK. We believe that it’s possible to cure Angelman syndrome and we need to bring the day of finding the cure forward. Your participation in raising funds for FAST UK is crucial to making it happen.

Want to run with us in 2022? Join us and receive:

  • a complimentary professional running vest
  • cheering along the route by FAST UK members
  • the satisfaction of knowing you’re bringing the day when Angelman syndrome is curable forward

For more information on the race and a look at the scenic route, please visit the Royal Parks Half Marathon website.

Use hashtags #RunforAScure and #CureAngelmanNow to share your training journey and raise awareness.

You can fundraise for this run as a part of the FAST UK CAN Campaign using JustGiving page here.