FAST UK Board of Trustees

Tom Keogh

Tom Keogh is the Chairman of FAST UK and the father of Amelia, a beautiful little girl who was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome in 2015 when she was 15 months. Following Amelia’s diagnosis, Tom and his wife Tamsin, were determined to do something positive to help the Angelman community, and to also help find a cure for Amelia. As a result, FAST UK was set up in October 2016. Tom and Tamsin also have two other children, Cecily and Archie.

Tamsin Keogh

Tamsin Keogh is the mother of Amelia and alongside her husband Tom, set up FAST UK in 2016. As well as being a full time mother to two other children, Cecily and Archie, Tamsin is instrumental in the day to day running of the charity and co-ordinates the fundraising for FAST UK.

Louise Prince

Louise Prince lives in Leeds with her two daughters, Lili and Neve (AS deletion). Louise is an accredited psychotherapist. After attending the FAST Gala in Chicago for the first time in 2015, she was inspired and excited by how far the Science had come in finding a cure for Angelman syndrome and came on board to launch FAST UK.

Kate Hamilton

Kate Hamilton is the charities Chartered Accountant and Aunt to Amelia who was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome in 2015. When Tom and Tamsin decided to set up FAST UK, they invited Kate to the board. Kate is married with two small children.

Antonia Felix

Antonia Felix is a Solicitor in a London city firm and is a close friend of Tamsin and Tom. Antonia was asked to join the board when Tamsin and Tom decided to set up FAST UK as they thought it would be useful to have a Solicitor on the board. Antonia is married with two daughters.

Julien de Bournet

Julien de Bournet is an investment professional and is the father of Calixte, a beautiful little boy who was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome in 2013 when he was one. Following Calixte’s diagnosis, Julien and his wife Gaëlle made it part of their life’s goal to support all the efforts towards finding therapeutics for Angelman Syndrome and help the Angelman community. As a result, Julien joined FAST UK in 2017 and is in charge with keeping abreast of all the ongoing science. Gaëlle and Julien have also two other children Aloïs and Gaïa.

Irina Karaseva

Irina Karaseva is a banking regulation professional and is also a mother to Emily, a charming little girl who was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome in 2021 just before her first birthday. Following Emily’s diagnosis, Irina and her husband Vlad do everything they can to support FAST UK and the Angelman community. As a result, Irina joined FAST UK in 2021 and provides support with social media, community engagement and corporate partnerships.