Ways to Help FAST UK

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the many ways to help FAST UK in our mission to find a cure for Angelman syndrome. By exploring this page, you’ll uncover numerous opportunities for individuals, companies, celebrities, and the general public to get involved, support our cause, and make a tangible difference. Whether you’re looking to donate, volunteer, or participate in various events, there’s a way for everyone to join the movement and help FAST UK achieve its goals.

General Public

Everyone has the power to make a difference in the fight against Angelman syndrome. This section is dedicated to ways the general public can support FAST UK, with various ideas suitable for anyone, regardless of their background or affiliation. Explore these creative and engaging opportunities to help FAST UK and join our community of supporters.

Online Fundraising and Donations

  • 💻🌐Donate directly to our website or other fundraising platforms to support our mission.
  • 🌟👪Set up a personal fundraising campaign or challenge supporting FAST UK and encourage friends and family to donate.
  • 💰💡Set up a crowdfunding campaign to support a specific project or initiative within our organisation.
  • 🎂💝Create a birthday fundraiser on social media, asking friends and family to donate to FAST UK instead of gifts.
  • 💰🔄Start a “Change for Change” initiative, encouraging friends, family, and community members to collect spare change to donate to us.
  • 🛍️💻Set up an online store or marketplace to sell items, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting us.
  • 📆📸Create and sell a calendar featuring stories and photos related to Angelman Syndrome, with profits benefiting our organisation.

Social Media and Public Awareness

  • 🗣️📲Spread the word about Angelman Syndrome and us by sharing information and stories on your social media profiles.
  • 🍰🎮Host a small event, such as a bake sale, garage sale, or game night, and donate the proceeds to FAST UK.
  • 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦🧠Encourage your friends, family, and community members to learn about Angelman Syndrome and support us.
  • 📚🏫Ask your local library or community centre to display information about Angelman Syndrome and us.
  • 📰🔊Reach out to local media outlets to share stories and information about Angelman Syndrome and us, raising public awareness.
  • 🤝🎁Initiate a “Pay it Forward” campaign, encouraging others to perform acts of kindness in support of our cause and individuals with Angelman Syndrome.
  • 🌐📚Host a “virtual” event or challenge, such as a read-a-thon, cook-a-thon, or dance-a-thon, where participants raise funds for us through their activities.

Community Events and Activities

  • 🏃🚴‍♂️Participate in or organise community events, such as charity runs, walks, or bike rides, to raise funds and awareness for FAST UK.
  • 🛍️🏬Shop with businesses that support us, and choose products or services that contribute a portion of their proceeds to the charity.
  • 🎨🖼️Collect and donate items, such as art, collectables or memorabilia that can be auctioned off at our fundraising events.
  • 🧶🎨Create and sell handmade crafts or products, donating some of the proceeds to us.
  • 🎤🎸Organise a charity concert, talent show, or art exhibition featuring local artists and performers, with proceeds benefiting FAST UK.
  • 👥📘Start a local awareness group or club to educate others about Angelman Syndrome and support our mission.
  • 📖🗣️Coordinate a book club or a discussion group focused on topics related to Angelman Syndrome, raising awareness and funds for us.
  • 🎉🍽️Host a themed party or dinner where guests donate to FAST UK as their “entrance fee.”
  • 🤝⏰Volunteer your time and skills at our events or help with ongoing initiatives.
  • ⚽🏆Host a charity sports tournament or competition in your community, with participants raising funds for us.
  • 🚗💦Organise a charity car wash, yard clean-up, or another service-based event, with proceeds going to us.
  • ♻️💸Coordinate a recycling or collection drive, turning in recyclables for cash and donating the proceeds to FAST UK.
  • 🔇🎟️Host a silent auction or raffle event, with all proceeds going to support our organisation.
  • 🔍🗺️Organise a charity scavenger hunt or treasure hunt in your local area, with participants raising funds and awareness for our organisation.
  • 🥘📖Create a cookbook featuring favourite recipes from friends, family, or community members, with sales supporting FAST UK.
  • 🔄💵Host a “swap meet” or “community exchange” event, where participants donate items to trade and make a monetary donation to our organisation.
  • 🧠🍻Organise a charity trivia night or pub quiz, with entry fees and additional donations supporting us.
  • 🎥💡Host a movie night or documentary screening related to Angelman Syndrome, with ticket sales or donations benefiting FAST UK.
  • ⛳🎾Coordinate a charity golf tournament, tennis tournament, or other sports event to raise funds and awareness for our organisation.
  • 👗🔄Organise a charity fashion show or clothing swap event, with proceeds benefiting FAST UK.

Collaborations and Partnerships

  • 🤝⏰Volunteer your time and skills at our events or help with ongoing initiatives.
  • ✍️📧Write letters or emails to your local representatives, advocating for increased research funding and support for individuals with Angelman Syndrome.
  • 🏫🤝Collaborate with local schools or youth groups to create educational programs and fundraising initiatives supporting FAST UK.
  • 📸🖌️Offer your professional skills or services, such as photography, graphic design, or event planning, to support our events and initiatives.

Big Companies

Discover how your company can make a significant impact by partnering with FAST UK. This section outlines various ways for large corporations to contribute, from becoming a corporate sponsor to supporting specific projects or events. Learn how your organisation can collaborate with FAST UK to help us advance our mission.

  • 🎯🤝 Choose FAST UK as your charity of choice and become a corporate sponsor.
  • 🔗📱 Promote FAST UK on your LinkedIn and other social media pages.
  • 📣💻 Share stories about FAST UK on your company intranet, Yammer, or newsletter.
  • 🎨🤗 Sponsor a specific fundraising event, such as an art exhibition.
  • 🔬📚 Support a particular project, like the 2nd year of the Natural History Study.
  • 🛠️🌟 Donate skills or provide skills support through volunteering days to assist with marketing and events.
  • 📊🎤 Include details about FAST UK on slides at your events and have a speaker mention the charity.
  • 👋🏼💼 Become an ambassador for FAST UK.
  • 🖼️💡 Use a PowerPoint template provided by us to raise awareness, featuring a high-quality image.
  • 📧🔗 Add a note with a link to FAST UK in your corporate email signature, such as “Help find a cure for Angelman syndrome.”
  • 💵💕 Offer matching contributions for employee fundraisers.
  • 🎦🌈 Create Zoom or Microsoft Teams filters to support FAST UK.
  • 👟🍰 Organise a company-wide fundraising campaign, such as a walkathon or bake sale, to engage employees and support FAST UK.
  • 🤝🌱 Establish a long-term partnership with FAST UK to collaborate on projects, events, and initiatives.
  • 📊🌍 Feature FAST UK in your company’s annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) report.
  • 👥🏃 Encourage employees to form teams and participate in FAST UK-organised events or challenges.
  • 🎟️💰 Host a charity raffle or lottery within your company, with proceeds going to FAST UK.
  • 👩‍💼🌟 Create an internal mentorship program where senior employees guide and support junior employees in volunteering for FAST UK.
  • 🗣️👂 Invite FAST UK representatives to speak at company events or meetings to raise awareness and inspire support.

Small and Medium Companies

Small and medium-sized businesses play a crucial role in supporting FAST UK. This section provides a range of opportunities for smaller enterprises to contribute, including adding FAST UK as a donation option at checkout or donating a percentage of profits. Explore ways your business can help drive change and support our cause.

  • 🏢🚶‍♂️ Implement all the activities listed for big companies and individuals within companies.
  • 💳 Add FAST UK as a donation option at checkout, allowing customers to donate £2, £5, or £10.
  • 💰🗓️ Donate a percentage of your profits to FAST UK every couple of weeks or monthly.
  • 🌟 Create a limited edition product or service with a portion of the proceeds benefiting FAST UK.
  • 🤝🏘️ Collaborate with other local businesses to organise a community event supporting FAST UK.
  • 🌐📣 Promote FAST UK on your company website and social media channels, sharing stories and updates about the impact of your support.
  • 🎁🏆 Offer employee incentives, such as additional time off, for participating in FAST UK events or volunteering opportunities.
  • 🤝🏫 Partner with schools or local organisations to promote awareness about Angelman syndrome and encourage community involvement in FAST UK initiatives.
  • 🗓️🎗️ Host a “Charity of the Month” program and feature FAST UK, raising funds and awareness through various activities and promotions.
  • 👏🏅 Develop an employee recognition program highlighting individuals actively supporting FAST UK and other charitable causes.

Benefits and Service Providers

Companies that provide benefits and services can also support FAST UK by offering unique ways for employees to contribute. This section highlights options such as adding FAST UK to salary round-up schemes or facilitating internal monthly donations. Learn how your organisation can make giving to FAST UK easy and accessible for your employees.

  • 💷🔄 Add FAST UK as a salary round-up option for employees.
  • 📅💸 Include FAST UK as an option for internal monthly donations from employees’ salaries.
  • 🛍️💙 Offer discounted services or products to FAST UK supporters or volunteers.
  • 🤝🌐 Develop a co-branded initiative or campaign with FAST UK to raise awareness and funds.
  • 💼🎁 Provide pro bono services or in-kind donations to support FAST UK’s operations and events.
  • 🌐🗞️ Promote FAST UK on your company’s website, newsletter, or other communication channels.
  • 🤝🎁 Create a customer referral program that rewards customers with donations made to FAST UK on their behalf.
  • 🚀🤲 Collaborate with FAST UK on joint marketing campaigns or initiatives to reach new audiences and generate support.
  • 🎁🎉 Offer a portion of your services or products for free to FAST UK events or fundraisers, helping to reduce costs and increase the impact of donations.
  • 🛍️💌 Introduce a loyalty program for customers, with rewards including donations to FAST UK or opportunities to support the charity in other ways.
  • 📚🔬 Organise workshops or seminars for your employees, clients, or partners to educate them about Angelman syndrome and FAST UK’s mission.

Individuals within Companies

Employees can also make a difference by participating in FAST UK’s initiatives. This section highlights activities that individuals within companies can participate in, such as Zoom team quizzes, Dress Up Fridays, or signing up for fundraising challenges. Find out how you can become an advocate for Angelman syndrome awareness within your workplace.

  • 🖥️🧠 Organise a Zoom team quiz to raise funds and awareness.
  • 👗😄 Participate in Dress-Up Fridays, wearing something that makes others smile, inspired by people with Angelman syndrome.
  • 🏃‍♂️🚴‍♀️🏊 Sign up for a run, cycling event, or swimming challenge, as people with Angelman syndrome enjoy water activities.
  • 🔗📣 Share the story of FAST UK on LinkedIn, your company intranet, newsletter, team catch-ups, or casual conversations with friends.
  • ⏰🕴️ Volunteer your time and become an ambassador for FAST UK.
  • 🔨💰 Host a charity auction within your company, with proceeds going to FAST UK.
  • 📚🌐 Create and share educational content about Angelman syndrome and FAST UK’s work within your professional network.
  • 👥💪 Organise a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign within your company to encourage colleagues to support FAST UK.
  • 👩‍💼🤝 Set up an employee-led volunteer group supporting FAST UK’s initiatives and events.
  • 🎙️🤲 Participate in virtual or in-person conferences and events related to Angelman syndrome, sharing your insights and experiences with colleagues.
  • 🤗🎉 Initiate an “Adopt an Event” program, where teams within your company take turns organising and leading charity events supporting FAST UK.
  • 👩‍💼👨‍💼🤝 Collaborate with other departments or teams within your company to create joint fundraising initiatives for FAST UK.

Celebrities and Influencers

Celebrities and influencers have the power to raise awareness and support for Angelman syndrome on a large scale. This section outlines opportunities for public figures to use their platforms to help FAST UK, from donating items for auction to participating in social media campaigns. Discover how you can use your influence to make a difference.

  • 🏢🚶‍♂️ Engage in all the activities listed for big companies and individuals within companies.
  • 🖼️✍️ Donate items for auction or autographs, such as memorabilia from movie sets or sports events.
  • 📝🌐 Include the FAST UK logo and details on marketing materials for your events.
  • 📱💬 Participate in social media campaigns sharing stories about Angelman syndrome.
  • 🥂🎩 Host or attend a high-profile event or gala supporting FAST UK, increasing visibility and raising funds.
  • 🤝🌟 Collaborate with other celebrities or influencers on a joint fundraising campaign for FAST UK.
  • 🎥🎬 Create exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes footage or interviews, to support FAST UK and engage your audience.
  • 👕💰 Design and sell merchandise, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting FAST UK.
  • 📣💕 Share personal stories or experiences related to Angelman syndrome or FAST UK, inspiring others to support the cause.
  • 🎤🎮 Organise or participate in live streaming events, such as online concerts or Q&A sessions, to raise funds and awareness for FAST UK.
  • 📢📜 Use your platform to advocate for policy changes and increased research funding for Angelman syndrome.