Angelman Syndrome Charity

Welcome to FAST UK, a chapter of Global FAST. We are a charity dedicated to curing Angelman Syndrome, with a specific focus on the UK. Our mission is to contribute to research, create the necessary infrastructure and environment for clinical trials, and prepare for the approval and adoption of therapeutics by the NHS.

At FAST UK, we are driven by a sense of urgency and a belief in the transformative power of medical advancements. We understand the impact that Angelman Syndrome has on individuals and their families, from the lack of speech to sleep issues and social isolation. Our goal is to provide hope and support by funding and advancing innovative treatments.

Through our collaborations with scientists, researchers, clinicians, and pharmaceutical companies, we are making significant progress in the development of gene replacement therapy, activation of the father’s gene copy, and downstream targeting of the synapse. We are also actively involved in creating the necessary tools, models, and infrastructure for efficient and effective clinical trials.

With 23 programs currently in development, including four in the clinic, we are dedicated to bringing transformative treatments to the Angelman Syndrome community. We understand the challenges and the costs involved in drug development, but we are committed to providing the necessary funding and support to ensure that promising therapies reach the patients who need them.

Join us in our mission to cure Angelman Syndrome. Together, we can make a difference and bring hope to individuals and families affected by this disorder.

There are many disorders that will not be cured or treated in our lifetime, but Angelman Syndrome will not be one of them.

Prof Art Beaudet

We invite you to explore our website and join us in this journey of hope and discovery.

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  • Meet the Team: Discover the passionate individuals behind FAST UK. Learn about our team and their dedication to finding a cure for Angelman Syndrome.
  • Oxford Natural History Study: Our flagship research project in the UK is a cornerstone of our efforts. Find out how this study is contributing to a better understanding of Angelman Syndrome.
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