Corporate Partnerships

Take a look at our Corporate Partnership Pack that we have put together to give our prospective partners an introduction into who FAST UK are, what are our goals and how you could join us on the mission to cure Angelman Syndrome.

We would love to partner with your business, please get in touch with us to discuss options and opportunities. Drop us a line:

Strategic Partnership

  • Sponsor a particular fundraising event such as an art exhibition or become our corporate sponsor
  • Appoint FAST UK as a charity of the year
  • Contribute a small percentage per sale of goods or services towards FAST UK
  • Promote the cause and raise Angelman Syndrome awareness

Corporate Donation

  • Support – Support a specific project, e.g. 6 months of the Natural History Study
  • Auction – Offer an item (product or services of your company) for an auction

Employee Fundraising

  • Help – Donate skills / provide skills support via volunteering days
  • Offer – Offer matching contributions for fundraisers
  • Donate – Donate as you earn / Salary round up
  • Share – Share a story about Angelman syndrome and FAST UK on Intranet / Yammer / Team newsletters/ Social media platforms
  • Sign – Add a link to FAST UK website into the corporate signature (with a heading such as ‘Help find a cure for Angelman syndrome’)
  • Include – Include details for FAST UK on the slides at the event/ virtual meeting