Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics Bulletin

Welcome to your one-stop source for the latest updates on clinical trials for Angelman Syndrome therapeutics. Our Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics Bulletin is a biannual publication designed to provide a snapshot of current clinical trials, their phases, locations, included genotypes, and more.

This bulletin is not just for families affected by Angelman Syndrome, but also for doctors, researchers, pharmaceutical professionals, and regulators. It’s a valuable resource for anyone who wants to stay informed about the latest developments in Angelman Syndrome research.

The bulletin is designed to be easy to read and share. It’s formatted for printing on a single A4 sheet, making it perfect to take to your next doctor’s appointment or to share with caregivers and relatives. Each issue also includes a QR code for easy online access and subscription.

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We encourage you to share the bulletin with your doctors, caregivers, and relatives. The more people who understand Angelman Syndrome and the latest therapeutic approaches, the better.

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Want to learn more about Angelman Syndrome? Visit our Understanding Angelman Syndrome page. Interested in the different therapeutic approaches being explored? Check out our Therapeutic Approaches for Angelman Syndrome page.

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Latest update: Issue #4, January 2024.

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Interested in past developments? Check out our archive of past issues below. We’ve been publishing the bulletin since 2022, and all past issues are available for free access.