2023 ASF Virtual Conference

  • 2023 ASF Virtual Conference – Intro
    Join the 2023 ASF Virtual Conference! Discover our achievements, future plans, and how you can help support the Angelman Syndrome Foundation. Enjoy at your convenience.
  • 2023 Ionis Pharmaceuticals Update
    Explore Ionis Pharmaceuticals’ commitment to developing treatments for Angelman Syndrome, their progress in the HALOS clinical trial, and their dedication to genetic medicine.
  • 2023 Neuren Pharmaceuticals Update
    Explore Neuren Pharmaceuticals’ latest updates on their clinical development program for Angelman Syndrome, including progress on Trofinetide and NNZ-2591 treatments.
  • 2023 Ultragenyx Update
    Join the 2023 ASF Virtual Conference to learn about Ultragenyx’s latest developments in rare disease treatments, including the GTX-102 program for Angelman syndrome.
  • ASF Center of Excellence
    Explore the Angelman Syndrome Foundation Center of Excellence, offering comprehensive care, education, and support for individuals with Angelman Syndrome. Reach out for help today!
  • Abnormal Movements in AS
    Explore Dr. Robert Carson’s insights on understanding and managing abnormal movements in Angelman Syndrome. Learn about non-epileptic myoclonus and future research plans.
  • Adult Care in Angelman Syndrome
    Explore comprehensive adult care for Angelman Syndrome with Jessica Duis, Director of the Angelman Syndrome Clinic. Learn about transition programs, guardianship, long-term planning, nutritional and behavioral changes, and more.
  • Behavior and Anxiety in Angelman Syndrome
    Explore effective strategies to manage behavior problems and anxiety in Angelman syndrome. Learn about behavioral and medical interventions, and participate in our research.
  • Planning with Mary Anne Ehlert
    Join Mary Anne Elhert at the 2023 ASF Virtual Conference as she shares valuable insights on disability planning. Learn about Protected Tomorrow’s mission, services, and upcoming classes. Your guide to a secure future.
  • Stepping Into AAC. Family supports for enhancing communication
    Explore the Stepping into AAC project, a collaboration between the Angelman Syndrome Foundation and PrAACtical AAC, providing resources to enhance family’s AAC journeys.