2020 FAST Educational Summit

  • Angelman Syndrome Adult Transition Services
    Explore the FAST Adult Transition Programme for Angelman Syndrome. Get guidance on healthcare decision-making, Medicaid waivers, and SSI. Comprehensive toolkit available.
  • Approach to Sleep Challenges in Angelman Syndrome
    Explore effective strategies for managing sleep challenges in Angelman Syndrome. Learn about identifying sleep concerns, behavioral approaches, medication management, and real-life case studies.
  • Communication and Everyday Routines
    Discover practical strategies to enhance communication and promote independence for your child with Angelman Syndrome. Learn from experienced therapists at Children’s Hospital Colorado.
  • Enabling Function Through “Guerilla OT”
    Join Kelly Beins at the 2020 FAST Educational Summit as she explores innovative, evidence-based strategies for therapy in non-traditional settings. Discover the principles of “Guerilla OT” and how to adapt activities for child development.
  • Homeschooling During COVID
    Explore homeschooling during COVID with Virginia Spencer, a special education advocate. Learn about virtual instruction challenges, homeschooling options, creating a learning environment, and more.
  • Recognizing and Preventing Caregiver Burnout
    Explore effective strategies to prevent caregiver burnout with Amanda Simmons from Skills on the Hill Pediatric Therapy. Learn about co-regulation, attachment, and mindful parenting.
  • Telehealth What to Expect
    Explore our comprehensive guide on telehealth, its advantages, and challenges. Learn how to prepare for a virtual medical appointment and hear a parent’s perspective on telehealth services.
  • Toilet Training in Individuals with Angelman Syndrome
    Explore effective strategies for toilet training individuals with Angelman Syndrome. Learn about the challenges, key components of a successful program, and how to address common issues.