Top 10 Products for Living Life with an Angel

Quick Overview

Lizzie Sordia, a mother to an individual with Angelman Syndrome, shares her top 10 products for living life with an angel. She highlights adaptive clothing, sensory toys, activity chairs, incontinence products, bath chairs, enclosed safe beds, adaptive feeding tools, car seats and harnesses, communication devices, and wheelchairs and strollers. Lizzie emphasizes the importance of starting the process early, staying organized, and being persistent in obtaining the necessary medical equipment. She also encourages parents to set goals for their children and take care of themselves throughout the journey. Lizzie provides resources and a step-by-step guide for navigating the process of obtaining medical equipment.

Good evening! Welcome to the ASF Virtualpalooza. Tonight, we have an exciting session lined up for you. But before we begin, let’s take a moment to appreciate the amazing T-shirt I’m wearing tonight, representing the awesome line by our presenter, Lizzie Sordia. She has a special connection with Angelman Syndrome and has been a dedicated advocate for the community.


If you’re new to Angelman Syndrome, I encourage you to learn more about it and join the Angelman Today Facebook page for valuable information and support. Lizzie is also the author and creator of the Amazon Special Needs page, which she may discuss during this session.

Getting Started

If you’ve attended Virtualpalooza before, you know the drill. Feel free to ask questions in the chat box or question pane throughout the session. We’ll have a Q&A session at the end. This session will be recorded, so you can always come back to it later. And for the first time, we have a handout available for download. Look for the handout section in your scroll or pane to access it.

Introducing Lizzie Sordia

Now, let’s introduce our amazing presenter, Lizzie Sordia. She is not only a beautiful mother to an individual with Angelman Syndrome, but she has also dedicated her time to advocating for the community. Lizzie has a wealth of knowledge and experience, especially in areas like diet and sleep. She is also the creator of the Ultimate Amazon Special Needs Shop. We’re excited to have her share her insights with us tonight.

Lizzie’s Top 10 Products for Living Life with an Angel

Lizzie will now present her top 10 products for living life with an Angel. These products have been carefully selected based on Lizzie’s personal experience and research.

  1. Adaptive Clothing: Lizzie highlights the importance of adaptive clothing, such as onesies and inescapable pajamas, to meet the unique needs of individuals with Angelman Syndrome.

  2. Sensory Toys: Lizzie recommends various websites, including her own Ultimate Amazon Special Needs Shop, for finding sensory toys that can help individuals with Angelman Syndrome relax and improve focus.

  3. Activity Chairs: Lizzie showcases activity chairs that can be used at home or in the classroom to support feeding and therapy sessions, as well as provide a safe and comfortable space for play.

  4. Incontinence Products: Lizzie explains the range of incontinence products available, including briefs, pull-ups, and bed pads, and emphasizes the importance of exploring insurance coverage for these items.

  5. Bath Chairs: Lizzie discusses the importance of having the right equipment in the bathroom, such as bath chairs and inserts, to ensure safety and comfort during bathing.

  6. Enclosed Safe Beds: Lizzie shares her personal experience with enclosed beds, such as the KayserBetten bed, and highlights other options available for individuals who may need a safe and secure sleeping environment.

  7. Adaptive Feeding Tools: Lizzie showcases a variety of adaptive feeding tools, including easy scoop bowls, adaptive spoons and forks, and slip-proof trays, to make mealtime easier and more enjoyable.

  8. Car Seats and Harnesses: Lizzie addresses the challenge of keeping individuals with Angelman Syndrome secure in car seats and recommends various options, such as the Easy On Harness and Vest and the Roosevelt Seat Belt.

  9. Communication Devices: Lizzie presents different communication devices, including eye-tracking enabled devices and communication apps, that can help individuals with Angelman Syndrome communicate effectively.

  10. Wheelchairs and Strollers: Lizzie highlights the importance of having the right wheelchair or stroller for individuals with Angelman Syndrome and showcases various options, including all-terrain beach wheelchairs and conveyed strollers.

Staying Organized and Persistent

Lizzie emphasizes the importance of starting the process early and staying organized and persistent. She recommends creating a list of the desired equipment, working closely with doctors and therapists, and following up consistently with insurance providers and durable medical equipment providers.


In conclusion, Lizzie thanks everyone for joining the session and encourages them to download the ASF handout, which provides a step-by-step guide on obtaining medical equipment and supplies through insurance or Medicaid. She reminds everyone to take care of themselves as caregivers and to reach out to her or connect with the Angelman Syndrome Foundation for further support and resources.

Closing Remarks

Amanda, the host, thanks Lizzie for her valuable insights and expertise. She reminds participants about upcoming sessions on transitioning to adulthood and IEPs, and expresses her love and gratitude to the Angelman Syndrome community.

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  • Title: Top 10 Products for Living Life with an Angel
  • Author(s): Lizzie Sordia
  • Author(s)’ affiliation: ASF
  • Publication date: 2020-08-10
  • Collection: 2020 ASF Virtualpalooza