2020 ASF Virtualpalooza

  • ASF Communication Partner Support Pilot Project Update
    Get the latest update on the ASF Communication Partner Support Pilot Project, aimed at enhancing communication abilities of individuals with Angelman Syndrome using AAC. Learn about our findings, future plans, and the importance of AAC.
  • ASF Research Updates
    Join us for the Angelman Syndrome Foundation Virtualpalooza for updates on research, clinical studies, and upcoming sessions. Our goal: improving lives and finding a cure.
  • ASF Virtualpalooza: Genetics & Therapeutics
    Join Dr. Becky Burdine in ASF Virtualpalooza’s presentation on Genetics & Therapeutics for Angelman syndrome. Learn about its genetic causes and potential treatments.
  • Adolescence with Angelman Syndrome
    Explore the challenges and changes during adolescence in individuals with Angelman Syndrome. Learn about puberty, menstruation management, birth control options, and dealing with anxiety.
  • All Things IEPs
    Join Michelle Harvey-Martin as she shares her expertise on Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for children with Angelman Syndrome. Learn about IEP components, at-home learning strategies, and more.
  • Behaviour and Anxiety in Angelman Syndrome in the COVID-19 Era
    Explore Dr. Chris Keary’s insights on managing behavior and anxiety in Angelman Syndrome during COVID-19. Learn about treatment approaches, case studies, and resources for support.
  • Charting the Journey (legally and financially)
    Join us for an insightful session with Marion Ehlert, founder of Protected Tomorrows, as she shares her expertise on planning for the future of individuals with Angelman syndrome. Learn, ask questions, and get inspired.
  • Chipping Away at the Mountain: Journey to Adulthood
    Join us in exploring the journey to adulthood for individuals with Angelman syndrome. Learn about planning, finding support staff, and managing paperwork. Start advocating for your child’s future today.
  • Exploring Government Benefits, Waivers, and More
    Join Eric Wright as he navigates the complexities of government benefits, waivers, and resources for individuals with Angelman Syndrome. Stay informed and advocate for your needs.
  • Low glycemic index therapy, ketogenic diet and supplements as treatments for Angelman Syndrome
    Explore the benefits of low glycemic index therapy, ketogenic diet, and supplements for treating Angelman Syndrome with Dr. Jessica Duis. Learn how these treatments can improve seizures, cognitive performance, and behavior.
  • Pharma Updates 2020
    Explore the latest updates in the pharmaceutical industry with ASF Virtualpalooza. Learn about Biogen’s assay for Angelman Syndrome, Roche’s treatment development, and more from the comfort of your home.
  • Seizures and their treatments in Angelman Syndrome 2020
    Join Dr. Ron Thibert’s interactive session on seizures in Angelman Syndrome. Learn about types, treatments, EEG patterns, and engage in Q&A for a comprehensive understanding.
  • Symptom & Treatment Checklist for Your IEP
    Explore the Symptom & Treatment Checklist for IEP by Dr. Lynn Bird. A comprehensive resource for Angelman syndrome, offering potential services and interventions for each symptom.
  • Top 10 Products for Living Life with an Angel
    Join our ASF Virtualpalooza to learn about top products for living with Angelman Syndrome. Get insights on adaptive clothing, sensory toys, activity chairs, and more. Download our handout for a comprehensive guide.