Supporting Inclusion Panel

Quick Overview

This panel discussion focuses on supporting inclusion for children with Angelman Syndrome. The panelists, all mothers of children with the syndrome, share their experiences and tips for inclusive education. They stress the importance of inclusion for the children’s development and well-being, and the role of advocacy in supporting it. They also discuss the need to challenge biases about disability. Parents are encouraged to build a supportive team, embrace their child’s disability, and seek resources and support. For school teams, the panelists suggest prioritising communication and literacy goals, using creative strategies for learning, and seeking resources and training. They conclude by emphasising the need for a positive community culture, disability acceptance, and showcasing successful inclusion practices.


In this panel discussion, we will explore the topic of supporting inclusion for children with Angelman Syndrome. Our panel consists of inspiring women who have children with Angelman Syndrome and have become advocates for their children. Each panelist will share their stories and experiences with inclusive education, providing tips for getting school teams on board with inclusion.

The Importance of Inclusion

Inclusion in school and community is a right for children with Angelman Syndrome. It is crucial for their development and overall well-being. Different families have different experiences with inclusion, some positive and some negative. Families should not feel guilty for the challenges they face, as it is often due to outdated systems and inadequate resources.

The Power of Advocacy

The panelists will emphasize the importance of advocacy in supporting inclusion. They will share examples of success and the impact of inclusive education on their children’s lives. They will also discuss the importance of recognizing and challenging biases about disability, and the need for opportunity and meaningful participation in inclusive education.

Tips for Parents

The panelists will provide inspiration and guidance for parents on their inclusion journey. They will encourage parents to find their allies and build a team that shares their vision. They will also discuss the importance of embracing the reality of their child’s disability and focusing on their individual goals. Seeking out resources and support from organizations and communities, connecting with other families and individuals with disabilities, and supporting friendships and social interactions for their child are all important aspects of supporting inclusion.

Strategies for School Teams

For school teams, the panelists will provide practical strategies for supporting inclusion. They will discuss the importance of prioritizing communication and literacy goals in the classroom, and using creative strategies to support learning and participation in academic tasks. Sharing the vision and priorities with the school team, taking small steps to introduce new strategies and approaches, and seeking out resources and training to support the school team’s learning are all key to successful inclusion.


In conclusion, fostering a positive community culture and promoting disability acceptance and inclusion is essential. By advocating for inclusion, changing perceptions and expectations, and utilizing resources and materials that showcase successful inclusion practices, we can create a more inclusive environment for children with Angelman Syndrome.

Talk details

  • Title: Supporting Inclusion Panel
  • Author(s): Amy Girouard, Cori Stell, Tina Thompson, Kelly Meissner
  • Author(s)’ affiliation: None
  • Publication date: 2019-01-10
  • Collection: 2018 FAST Educational Summit