2018 FAST Educational Summit

  • AAC Expert Panel
    Discover expert tips on introducing Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices to your child’s circle. Learn about modeling, balancing tech options, incorporating sign language, promoting AAC in inclusive settings, and choosing AAC devices.
  • Emergent Writing from Function to Form
    Discover the process of emergent writing, from function to form. Learn how to support and celebrate children’s writing at every stage of development.
  • Language and Literacy Hand in Hand
    Explore the importance of language and literacy development in students with Jane Farrall, a specialist in the field. Learn about emergent literacy, shared reading, AAC, and individualized instruction strategies.
  • Let’s Get Practical – Evidence Based Practices in AAC
    Explore evidence-based practices in AAC for individuals with Angelman syndrome. Overcome misconceptions, address challenges, and empower communication with comprehensive AAC systems.
  • Real Life with Ryan. A Team Therapy Approach That Works
    Explore “Real Life with Ryan,” a successful team therapy approach for children with Angelman Syndrome. Learn about the team’s philosophy, Ryan’s progress, and the importance of family involvement.
  • Supporting Inclusion Panel
    Join our panel discussion on supporting inclusion for children with Angelman Syndrome. Hear inspiring stories, learn advocacy tips, and discover strategies for inclusive education from experienced parents.
  • You’ve Got This – AAC and the Young Child with Angelman Syndrome
    Explore Mary Louise Bertram’s insights on communication development in children with Angelman Syndrome. Learn about AAC, early literacy, and strategies to overcome communication challenges.