AAC Vendor Presentations

Quick Overview

At the 2017 FAST Educational Summit, AAC vendors Tobii Dynavox and PRC presented their assistive technology tools and services. Tobii Dynavox showcased their Snap Plus Core First communication software, which allows users to string together symbols to form sentences and communicate their needs. They also highlighted their other products, such as touchscreen devices and eye gaze accessibility tools. PRC focused on their Unity language system, which organizes vocabulary around word families and emphasizes single words and core words. They also discussed their hardware options and the importance of motor planning for efficient communication. Both vendors emphasized the importance of support and training in using AAC devices effectively.


The 2017 FAST Educational Summit featured presentations from AAC vendors, including Tobii Dynavox and PRC. The presentations focused on the services, resources, and products offered by these companies to support individuals with Angelman Syndrome and other communication challenges. The speakers, Adam Slota and Mackenzie Soser from Tobii Dynavox, and Jenny Valier from PRC, provided insights into the assistive technology tools and software available to help individuals with communication difficulties.

The Importance of AAC

The speakers acknowledged the challenges faced by parents of children with Angelman Syndrome and emphasized the importance of providing support for autonomous communication. They highlighted the promising advancements in therapeutics and technology for assistive communication, and the role of parents in advocating for their children’s communication needs.

Tobii Dynavox Presentation

Adam Slota and Mackenzie Soser from Tobii Dynavox presented their company’s products and services. They showcased various communication devices, including touchscreen products and eye gaze accessibility technology. They also introduced their communication software, Snap Plus Core First, which allows users to build sentences and communicate their needs effectively. The speakers highlighted the flexibility and ease of use of their software, as well as the additional resources available through Boardmaker Online.

PRC Presentation

Jenny Valier from PRC discussed the Unity language system, which is designed to support individuals using AAC to acquire language. She explained the principles behind the Unity system, including the focus on single words, motor planning, and organizing words around word families. Valier emphasized the importance of core words in communication and the benefits of using a language system that allows for fast and efficient communication. She also highlighted PRC’s commitment to literacy and the integration of phonics and word families into their language systems.


The presentations from Tobii Dynavox and PRC provided valuable insights into the services and resources available to individuals with communication challenges. The speakers emphasized the importance of AAC in supporting autonomous communication and highlighted the advancements in technology that are revolutionizing assistive communication. Attendees were encouraged to explore the products and resources offered by these companies to help individuals with Angelman Syndrome and other communication difficulties.

Talk details

  • Title: AAC vendor presentations
  • Author(s): Adam Slota, Jennifer Vallier
  • Author(s)’ affiliation: Prentke Romich Company (PRC); Tobii Dynavox
  • Publication date: 2017-12-23
  • Collection: 2017 FAST Educational Summit