Welcome to the 2017 Angelman Syndrome Foundation Family Conference

Quick Overview

Welcome to the 2017 Angelman Syndrome Foundation Family Conference. This conference is the largest Angelman Syndrome meeting in the world, with nearly 50 sessions and over 60 speakers. The conference is focused on providing support and information to families affected by Angelman Syndrome. The Angelman Syndrome Foundation offers resources such as the communication training series and the family resource team to help families navigate the challenges of raising a child with Angelman Syndrome. The conference also includes activities for children and networking opportunities for families. The conference schedule includes sessions on research, clinical trials, wellness, communication, and future planning. The conference concludes with an awards event and a closing session.


In this talk, Eileen Brown, the Executive Director of the Angelman Syndrome Foundation, welcomes attendees to the 2017 Angelman Syndrome Foundation Family Conference. She introduces herself and her family, and expresses her passion for helping families affected by Angelman Syndrome. She encourages attendees to reach out to her for any questions or assistance they may need.

Overview of the Conference

Brown provides an overview of the conference, highlighting the large number of sessions and speakers available to attendees. She emphasizes the cutting-edge science and research being presented, as well as the global and international nature of the conference. Brown assures attendees that the conference is centered around them and their special person with Angelman Syndrome.

Services and Resources

Brown discusses the various services and resources provided by the Angelman Syndrome Foundation. She mentions the communication training series, which offers webinars on communication strategies for individuals with Angelman Syndrome. She also highlights the Angelman Syndrome clinics, which provide comprehensive care for individuals with the syndrome. Brown encourages attendees to take advantage of the foundation’s family resource team, who can provide assistance and support on various issues. She also mentions the importance of the foundation’s fundraising efforts, which support research and other programs.

Conference Schedule

Brown provides a brief overview of the conference schedule, highlighting the various sessions and events taking place each day. She mentions the sib shop, research sessions, Just For sessions, and children’s activities. She also mentions the ticketed events, such as the adult night out and family night event. Brown encourages attendees to participate in the various sessions and events, and to take advantage of the networking opportunities available.

Closing Remarks

In her closing remarks, Brown expresses her gratitude to attendees for their participation in the conference. She encourages them to make the most of the knowledge and expertise available, and to connect with other families and experts in the field. Brown assures attendees that they are not alone, and that the Angelman Syndrome Foundation is there to support them in their journey.

Talk details

  • Title: 2017 ASF Family Conference: Welcome & Opening Session
  • Author(s): Greg Dohrmann, Eileen Braun
  • Author(s)’ affiliation: ASF
  • Publication date: 2017-08-07
  • Collection: 2017 ASF Family Conference