2017 ASF Family Conference

  • 2017 ASF Family Conference: Angelman Syndrome Research Updates
    Explore the latest research updates on Angelman Syndrome from top researchers Dr. Stormy Chamberlain and Dr. Ben Philpott. Learn about the development of therapeutics, ongoing clinical trials, and the importance of biomarkers.
  • 2017 ASF Family Conference: Welcome & Opening Session
    Join the 2017 Angelman Syndrome Foundation Family Conference. Meet Eileen Brown, the Executive Director, and learn about Angelman Syndrome. Connect with families from 40 states and 13 countries. Enjoy sessions, networking, and fun activities.
  • Angelman Syndrome Clinics – What to Expect
    Explore the expanding network of Angelman Syndrome clinics. Learn about their services, clinical trials, new treatments, and what to expect when accessing their care. Improving understanding and care for Angelman Syndrome.
  • Angelman Syndrome Families on the AAC Journey
    Explore the journey of families with Angelman Syndrome using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Learn about the evolution of AAC devices, building communication skills, and the importance of a supportive community.
  • Anxiety in Angelman Syndrome – 2017
    Explore the impact of anxiety on individuals with Angelman Syndrome, its manifestations, and treatment challenges. Join our ongoing study to contribute to understanding and treatment.
  • Be a Super Core Word Modeler with Proloquo2Go
    Discover the power of modeling in AAC therapy with Proloquo2Go. Learn effective strategies to make language visible, understand the importance of core words, and set realistic expectations for progress.
  • Creating Your Village. Explore Your Path Beyond Modeling to Help Create a Communication Team
    Join Sam Sennott in “Creating Your Village,” a journey beyond modeling to build a communication team for your child. Explore AAC fundamentals, interaction strategies, and the importance of coaching.
  • Critical Components to Successful Clinical Trials
    Explore the critical components of successful clinical trials for Angelman Syndrome. Learn about the importance of trials, challenges faced, and how the AS community can support these trials.
  • Finding Allies & Developing Next Steps
    Explore the importance of community support, communication systems, and inclusive environments for individuals with Angelman Syndrome. Discover practical tips for developing friendships and finding allies.
  • Government Benefits
    Explore government benefits for families with developmental disabilities. Learn about Angelman Syndrome, SSDI, SSI, Medicaid, and advocacy from a parent’s perspective.
  • Having a Sibling with a Developmental Disability
    Explore the unique challenges and opportunities of having a sibling with a developmental disability during early adulthood. Learn from qualitative research findings and understand how these experiences can inform better support systems.
  • IEP Goals & Objectives
    Explore the importance of IEP goals and objectives in a child’s education plan with special education teacher, Michelle Harvey. Learn how they’re tailored to meet unique needs and ensure progress.
  • Intro & Overview of Core Word AAC Systems
    Explore core word AAC systems with Jennifer Marden, a seasoned speech pathologist. Understand their importance in communication, and learn how to choose the right system for your needs.
  • LGIT & GI Issues in Angelman Syndrome
    Explore dietary therapies for epilepsy and common GI issues in Angelman syndrome. Learn about the ketogenic diet, low glycemic index treatment, and their impact on seizures and overall health.
  • Neurobehavioral Approaches in Angelman Syndrome Part 1
    Explore neurobehavioral approaches in Angelman Syndrome with our comprehensive guide. Learn about the Health Watch Table, Online Behavior Modules, and insights from our Ottawa clinic.
  • Neurobehavioral Approaches in Angelman Syndrome Part 2
    Explore neurobehavioral approaches in Angelman Syndrome with Jane Summers and Erick Sell. Learn about the Health Watch Table and online behavior modules to support individuals with Angelman Syndrome.
  • Optimizing Health & Cognition Through Food
    Explore the role of natural, non-processed food in optimizing health and cognition for individuals with Angelman syndrome. Learn about dietary approaches, success stories, and practical tips.
  • Seizures in Angelman Syndrome
    Explore the comprehensive overview of seizures in Angelman Syndrome, including types, EEG findings, treatment options, and managing triggers. Learn about medication, diet therapy, and more.
  • Shared Reading with PODD
    Explore shared reading as a strategy to develop language skills in children with disabilities. Learn about the strategy instructional model, the importance of age-appropriate materials, and the use of AAC during shared reading.
  • Social Communication. Adolescents & Adults as Emerging Communicators – Storytelling
    Explore the power of storytelling in enhancing social communication skills for AAC users. Learn to use personal photos, communication strategies, and technology to create engaging stories.