2016 FAST Science Summit

  • Agilis Biotherapeutics
    Explore Agilis Biotherapeutics’ progress in developing innovative gene therapies for Angelman syndrome and other rare genetic diseases. Learn about their promising results and future plans.
  • Disruptive Nutrition
    Explore Disruptive Nutrition’s research on ketone esters as a potential treatment for Angelman Syndrome. Discover the benefits of ketogenic diet and how tailored nutrition products can improve health and well-being.
  • Gene Expression 101 with Dr. David Segal
    Explore gene expression with Dr. David Segal. Learn about artificial transcription factors and antisense oligonucleotide therapy’s role in treating genetic disorders like Angelman syndrome.
  • Gene Therapy 101 with Dr. Kevin Nash
    Explore the basics of gene therapy with Dr. Kevin Nash, as he discusses its potential applications, challenges, and future directions. Dive into the world of DNA, genes, and the promising role of viral vectors.
  • Generation of mouse lines expressing human UBE3A antisense
    Explore Dr. Beaudet’s research on using ASOs to activate the UBE3A gene in mice for potential Angelman Syndrome treatment. Discover challenges and future directions in this groundbreaking study.
  • Ovid Therapeutics – OV101 Clinical Trial
    Evaluate the safety and efficacy of Gaboxadol in treating Angelman Syndrome. Learn more about the OV101 clinical trial at angelmanstudy.com.
  • Therapeutics 101 with Allyson Berent
    Explore the basics of Angelman Syndrome and its therapeutic approaches with Allyson Berent, Chief Scientific Officer at FAST. Learn about gene therapy, activating the paternal allele, and downstream therapeutics.