2016 FAST Educational Summit

  • Angel Voices
    Explore the inspiring journey of Angel Voices, a community-based AAC group aiding children with disabilities. Learn about its origins, activities, benefits, and how to start your own AAC group.
  • Angelman Syndrome Global Registry
    Join the Angelman Syndrome Global Registry to contribute to research and clinical trials. Your data is private, secure, and can accelerate the development of targeted treatments. Get involved today!
  • Communication Intervention for Behavioral Change
    Explore the importance of communication intervention for behavioral change in children. Learn about effective tools, strategies, and the role of positive reinforcement in promoting better behavior.
  • Communication and Community: Parents Incorporating Best Practice AAC
    Explore the insights of Mary-Louise Bertram and her team on AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) in the Angelman community. Learn about personal journeys, real-life applications, and integrating AAC into curriculum.
  • This AAC Life: Dad-to-Dad
    Explore the experiences of three dads using AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) with their children. Learn practical tips and insights on how to get involved and make AAC a shared, meaningful experience.