2015 ASF Family Conference

  • AS Research & Development Update, Part 1
    Explore the latest updates in Angelman Syndrome research from top experts at Ovid Therapeutics, ISIS Therapeutics, and Agilis Biotherapeutics. Discover new treatments, gene therapy, and more.
  • AS Research & Development Update, Part 2
    Explore the latest updates on Angelman Syndrome research and development. Learn about targeted genetic subclasses, trial ages, treatment benefits, therapeutic administration, and clinical trial timelines.
  • Angel Voices: Creating a Community of AAC Users
    Discover the inspiring story of Angel Voices, a community group for AAC users. Learn about its activities, effective strategies, surprising outcomes, and future plans. Join us in fostering communication and support for all AAC users.
  • Angelman Syndrome in Adulthood
    Explore Angelman Syndrome in adulthood with Dr. Ron Thibert from Harvard. Learn about seizure rates, common issues, and treatment options for improving quality of life.
  • Implementing Augmentative & Alternative Communication
    Explore the importance of Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) for individuals with complex needs. Learn how to motivate, model, and create a communication-rich environment for effective AAC implementation.
  • Keynote – Communication, Educational & Related Considerations, Part 1
    Explore the transcript of Aline Brown’s keynote speech at the 2015 ASF Family Conference, discussing communication, education, and Angelman Syndrome. Learn from experts and envision a successful future.
  • Keynote – Communication, Educational & Related Considerations, Part 2
    Explore Stephen Calculator’s keynote on communication and education for individuals with Angelman syndrome, emphasizing authentic assessment, intervention in natural settings, and collaborative consultative models.
  • Seizure Treatments
    Explore Dr. Ron Thibert’s insights on seizure treatments for Angelman syndrome, including medication options, dietary therapies, and other factors for improving seizure control and quality of life.
  • Seizures 101
    Explore the causes, types, and treatment options for seizures in Angelman Syndrome. Understand the genetic basis and the role of GABA in seizures. Improve quality of life with our guide.