Instagram ‘day in life’ – Instructions

Thank you for your continued support and we are very excited about doing this new ‘day in the life’ series on FAST UK Instagram – yay!

The way it works is very simple. You record videos/ take photos and notes throughout one day in your child/ individual with Angelman Syndrome and share them with us. We will then post it on FAST UK Instagram account.

Before ‘day in the life’:

On the ‘day in the life’:

  • Make as many short (<30 seconds) videos and take as many photos throughout the day as you can – start as your child and you wake up and you can cover the next 24 hours until the next morning to tell the story about the challenges with sleep we have in the AS community
  • Make notes of your thoughts and the times for key events throughout the day – be specific and as detailed as you can be
  • Think about messages you’d like to make across and record videos that would tell your story best – challenges, moments of joy, calm, ways of coping with difficult situations etc.
  • Be yourself and share an amazing life of your child/ individual with Angelman Syndrome through your eyes
  • Feel free to highlight to talk about topics that are important to you such as mental health, siblings, available support

After the ‘day in the life’:

  • Upload all videos to the dedicated folder on Google Drive
  • Share all your notes and the log of the day
  • Share hashtags and Instagram accounts/ links/ fundraising campaigns you’d like us to add
  • Share your experience of doing this and encourage other parents in the community to participate
  • We will coordinate with you to agree on the date on when it will be shared on FAST UK Instagram account so that you can advertise it on your account

This is a great way to raise awareness and attract more donations to your fundraising!