Strengthening Our Mission: Welcoming Joanna Wiecek as We Initiate FAST UK’s Scientific Advisory Board

Enriching Angelman Syndrome Research Through Expert Guidance

Dear FAST UK Community,

We are excited to share a significant development that marks a new phase in our relentless pursuit of advancing Angelman Syndrome research. We are delighted to introduce Joanna Wiecek, an accomplished scientist, who joins us as we take the first steps in establishing FAST UK’s very own Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

Introducing Joanna Wiecek: A Profile of Expertise

Joanna Wiecek’s remarkable academic journey and diverse professional experience uniquely position her to contribute to FAST UK’s mission. Joanna is an independent InnovateUK advisor and a Chief Scientific Officer at CircaGene with over 13 years of experience in biotech innovation, clinical trials and R&D gained in both academia and industry.

She holds a PhD in molecular biology and her expertise covers genetics and the development of new treatments & diagnostics. Joanna worked with Pharma and large organisations including GSK, P&G, LGS, WHO and charities such as Wellcome Trust and Gates Foundation.

As a Clinical Study Lead at Covance, she led large multi-national and multi-center clinical studies with companies such as Bayer and Sanofi. At Wellcome, she was responsible for managing and de-risking the research portfolio of CARB-X and provided technical advice to 8 CARB-X companies throughout their research programs (e.g.,T2 Biosystems, HelixBind).

Some of her recent achievements include technical contribution to the development of the WHO Essential List of in-vitro Diagnostics (WHO IVD) and being part of the governmental working group on chronic fatigue syndrome.

Pioneering Progress: The Birth of FAST UK’s Scientific Advisory Board

We are thrilled to announce the initiation of FAST UK’s Scientific Advisory Board – a strategic milestone that amplifies our commitment to accelerating Angelman Syndrome research. This board is set to be a collective powerhouse of expert insights, shaping the direction of our initiatives and steering us towards transformative breakthroughs. Joanna Wiecek’s appointment is a testament to our dedication to assembling a team of exceptional minds to guide our journey.

A Future Illuminated by Expert Guidance

With Joanna Wiecek as a cornerstone, our newly initiated Scientific Advisory Board gains a dynamic force capable of propelling us forward. Her expertise and strategic acumen will guide us as we navigate the complexities of research, forge collaborations, and drive innovation. Together, alongside other esteemed members (to be announced soon!) of our Scientific Advisory Board, we are poised to make a tangible impact on Angelman Syndrome research in the UK and worldwide.

Stay Tuned for Progress

Stay connected with us as we embark on this exciting journey with Joanna Wiecek and the forthcoming Scientific Advisory Board. To learn more about our initiatives, contribute, and follow our progress, please sign up for our newsletter.

Together, we embrace expertise to transform the future of Angelman Syndrome.

“It is a pleasure to be part of FAST UK. I look forward to working with the team and making a difference in people’s lives.”
Joanna Wiecek

FAST UK Trustees