The recruitment for the Natural History Study is now complete! We have reached 40 participants and we are very proud.

Thank you the most amazing team at Oxford University for leading the Study and working so hard to make this happen. A lot of work is still ahead to complete the Study but we would like to recognise all efforts from the scientists and our dedicated community.

We know it’s not easy to travel with our children, performing an EEG, and having blood tests, so we really appreciate your commitment.

“The results of this study will be key for the drug development process. I am so pleased recruitment is now complete! I know that this would have not been possible if it wasn’t for a great community and great families who are committed to the purpose!”

Dora Markati, MD, MPhil

STRONG | Department of Paediatrics | University of Oxford

Just to remind everyone – the Natural History Study is the key project that FAST UK is funding at the moment. It costs £250k per year to run and it will take 4 years in total to complete it. So, it brings us to £1m overall cost.

It’s hard to break down the costs as the scope of the study is quite complex but this will give you some idea:

£2k covers an innovative ultra-sensitive wearable device for one patient enabling valuable data collection; and

£10k allows one patient to participate in the Study and to line them up for future trials.

That’s why we need your support with fundraising. Please get involved, pick your challenge and go!